I went to see Tony Robbins here in Toronto a couple of weekends ago at the Toronto Real Estate Expo – he was the keynote speaker. He is a man on fire!

He trained on many concepts and one of the concepts was around the idea of changing your state.

You can manage the state of your body…you can manage how you feel.

You want to manage your emotions.

I know I want to too. Change your state and you change your emotions.

It’s that simple.

Let’s say your feeling angry and you want to hit something. That anger can eat away your body and mind.

You feel tight in your chest and you have tension in your shoulders. When you and I can learn to manage our own states, we get to experience the joy, passion, inner peace we all really want.

How you and I feel at any moment is a function of how you and I are directing our body and mind at that moment. Now, this may be a brand new concept for you.

Let that sink in. How you feel at any moment is a function of how you are directing your body and mind at any moment.

This may be a tough pill to swallow. When you embrace and own this concept, you will discover that you do not have to be a victim anymore to your emotions.

Take John Belushi for example…he was loved by millions. He was an actor on Broadway, in movies and on TV. He was very creative. He could not manage his emotional states within himself. He ended up using drugs to change his state and ended up dead.

There’s a huge price in managing your state. You get to make the decision in a split second to manage your state.

Choosing to manage your emotions – you are choosing to manage your state. This gives you more power and more possibilities to get and have what you want. Sounds, good to me.