Sometimes I think I’m kidding myself…

Eating processed food is not going to help me get rid of the brain fog.

All it does is leave me wanting more lousy food, feeling tired and down on myself.

We can either be honest with ourselves or keep hiding behind a lie eating junk food and think that the brain fog will just magically disappear on its own.

What is this lie we keep telling ourselves? We are delusional if we think that the brain fog will actually disappear as we continue to wolf down soft drinks, chips, chocolate bars, and fried foods everyday.

But we don’t want to do anything differently. We want something to change (want a different result) and still junk food makes its way into our mouths.

Brain fog will continue to rear its ugly head in my mind unless I make a change.

I was tired of being tired. I couldn’t remember what I ate yesterday or who I had called. And often times I would forget the name of someone that I had known for years.

We may forget where we parked. On top of that we may walk into a room and can’t remember why we’re there in the first place.

If we had attended a Tenors’ concert together, we may not have remembered the sequence of the songs sung.

It’s a terrifying thought to live this way!

We can change things.

It’s a decision we get to make… in a moment.autumn-194834

That’s all.

Are we in this together?

I know that you hide behind the lies.

I use to hide behind them too.

Right now…

This moment….

DECIDE to eat something that is good for you and your brain.

Together we stand.

Let the fog disappear.