Do you ever express your anger?

How do you express it?

Anger is an emotion that can be a catalyst to discover and uncover the source of the anger.

Anger can also leave you stuck in the grade 4 schoolyard as you lash out at others with blame while waving your scolding finger.

When you choose to feel the anger and lean into it can support you in coming to accept and to love those parts of you that have remained hidden behind guilt and shame.


The process can be scary at first.

You will want to bolt and run away from it all.

I would invite you to begin while breathing in… s l o w l y

Breathing out… s l o w l y.


This helps you to relax and to accept and to love the process.

I get angry at times and right away I want to blame someone else for something.

I catch myself breathing heavily and feel a knot in my stomach.

Then I just stop.

When you are angry, STOP.

It’s hard to do at first.

Becoming angry is a quick reaction.

You are acting out.

I am acting out.

Instead, just breathe.

Everything changes right in that moment.

Breathing slows everything down for you.

YOU slow down.

Being angry and staying angry is just a dumb thing to do.

It does not do anything for you, except feed your ego and let you be right.

Next time you are angry, breathe, lean into the anger and lean into it.

Feel it fully.

We are not looking for perfection.

We are looking to feel the anger as best as we can.

That’s all you want for yourself.

Then you will move through the anger.

Remember, next time you are angry, don’t push it away.

Feel it fully and lean into it.

Then you are letting in more light as you love more of you.