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Welcome! Great to have you here.

Do you find yourself eating when you’re not hungry and you still continue eating?

You don’t know why you’re eating? You can’t believe you just ate an entire bag of tortilla chips and salsa!

This is mindless eating – you and I are not paying attention to what we’re putting in our mouth.

We can use food to drown out any emotion or feeling that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Your relationship with food is really a reflection of your relationship with yourself. What is missing in your life? What needs are you hoping food will fill?

I used to be an “emotional eater”…using food to escape the pain of feelings and emotions. This left me with a weight issue for years.

And by the way, you don’t have to have a weight issue or be obese to have a challenge with food. No, you don’t. You can have “normal weight” and be an emotional eater.

That’s why I am now here…this is my passion and purpose…

…to teach, empower and support you to feed your soul and  fuel your body to so that you have a healthy relationship with food.

I will walk beside you each step of the way and cheer you on.

You are not alone.



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Hi – my name is Marsha Lecour. I was an emotional eater for many years.

Recovery from emotional eating first started back in 2000 when I heard this still small voice inside of tell me, “I love you Marsha unconditionally.” I took this as an open invitation to love myself unconditionally.

Learning to love unconditionally yourself may sound like a tall order, and it is! There are no short cuts here. You have to start somewhere. More importantly, you have to start.

Self –love is the foundation for everything else. First, this foundation of self-love has to be built.

You might not like the sound of this expression “self-love”…call it something else then: self-care, self-nourishment, I come first…the point you are making YOU a priority starting NOW.

This is not up for debate.

“How do I do that?” you ask. That’s why I’m here right now – ready to stand beside you and walk beside you each step of the way.

You are not alone.

Are you ready to take that first step here
now to love yourself unconditionally?

Let’s get started together on this journey of
self-care. I will walk beside you on this
journey every step of the way.

I have created a FREE GIFT for you titled “5 Powerful
Ways to Nourish Yourself ” that will get you off on the right foot
for self-care immediately. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the
day? You deserve that.

You can sign up for this FREE GIFT now because you matter. You ARE
your number 1 top priority. When you can rise up and reclaim your life,
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I have known Marsha Lecour for a few years now. As a former high school teacher, Marsha had several of her coop students placed at System Fitness and always presented herself very professionally in her interactions with others. She is very positive, upbeat, and open-minded. With a strong teaching, coaching and counseling background, Marsha is powerful in her ability to support and empower others with personal change and transformation. She demonstrates deep compassion for others and cares deeply for others. She is comfortable in any social situation. In addition, Marsha likes to make fun a priority for others. John McCrindle

Owner and President, System Fitness

I have worked with Marsha Lecour on a few projects that relate to the hepatitis C community. Marsha is a powerhouse of energy. She is persistent, motivated and focused on getting the job done. Marsha is fun, easy to work with, and enjoys a good laugh. She knows what she is doing and knows how to do it. Her excellent communication skills are an asset as an effective speaker. Jordan Feld, M.D.

Liver Specialist, University of Toronto